Chairs’ Symposium

Recent advances and treatments in status epilepticus

Co-chairs: Meir Bialer (Israel) & Eugen Trinka (Austria)

  • Circuits, networks, and systems in status epilepticus – Jaideep Kapur (USA)
  • Epigenetic treatment strategies – David Henshall (Ireland)
  • New and upcoming pharmacological treatments of status epilepticus – Stephan Rüegg (Switzerland)
  • Unmet needs in neonatal status epilepticus – Ronit Pressler (United Kingdom)

Neurobiology Symposium

Does coffee/caffeine consumption influence seizures and epilepsy?

  • Interindividual variability of caffeine metabolism and circulating levels – Astrid Nehlig (France)
  • Mechanisms of action of caffeine in the brain and potential proconvulsant properties of caffeine – Detlev Boison (USA)
  • Consequences of early life caffeine exposure on brain development and susceptibility to seizures – Christophe Bernard (France)
  • Does coffee/caffeine consumption influence seizure activity in individuals with epilepsy? – Christian Samsonsen (Norway)

Symposium of Excellence in Epileptology

CEA – EAN (European Academy of Neurology) Symposium


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