Sunday, August 26

LivaNova Satellite Symposium, 16:30-18:00, Strauss
Title: Where is the potential? Measuring the effect of neuromodulation

Chair: Kristl Vonck (Belgium)
De-syncing the cortex? Investigating VNS mechanisms with quantitative EEG methods Fabrice Bartolomei (France)
Learning from depression: insights from functional imaging of neurostimulation Charles Conway (USA)
A prestimulation evaluation protocol for patients with drug resistant epilepsy Kristl Vonck (Belgium)


mXm Medical Communications (supported by an educational grant from Eisai Europe Ltd) Satellite Symposium
16:30-18:00, Stolz
Title: How do we make evidence-based decisions for epilepsy patients excluded from randomised controlled trials?

Chair: Martin Holtkamp (Germany)
Psychiatric comorbidities in epilepsy: importance of early diagnosis and a multidisciplinary approach to care Sophie Dupont (France)
Management of epilepsy during pregnancy: what is best practice? Torbjörn Tomson (Sweden)
Treatment of epilepsy in the elderly: the need for real-world evidence Vicente Villanueva (Spain)


Monday, August 27

32IEC-GW-Pharma-LogoGW Pharmaceuticals Satellite Symposium, 16:30-18:00, Stolz
Title: The challenge of improving treatment for patients living with early-onset epilepsies from childhood to adulthood

Chair: Eugen Trinka (Austria)
Regulatory pathways, rare diseases and rethinking early-onset epilepsies Michel Baulac (France)
Current therapeutic options and future opportunities Emilio Perucca (Italy)
Diagnosis, assessment and care of early-onset epilepsies into adulthood Thomas Mayer (Germany)



Tuesday, August 28

32IEC-Esuplementta-LogoEsuplementta Satellite Symposium, 08:00-09:30, Schubert 4
Title: Application of MEG in epilepsy and its impact on patient outcome:
A joint symposium of EMEGS and MEGIN an Esuplementta company

Chair: Paul Boon, Belgium
Clinical MEG application in lesional and nonlesional epilepsies Hermann Stefan (Germany)
Electromagnetic source imaging: a prospective study of diagnostic accuracy and clinical utility in presurgical evaluation Sándor Benickzy (Denmark)
Impact of MEG on epilepsy surgery outcome Karl Rössler (Germany)


32IEC-Zogenix-LogoZogenix Satellite Symposium, 16:30-18:00, Stolz
Title: Dravet Syndrome: how can we better inform and shape future management?

Co-chairs: Renzo Guerrini (Italy) & Elaine Wirrell (USA)
DS and other sodium channelopathies: genotypes, phenotypes and treatment response Andreas Brunklaus (United Kingdom)
Impact beyond seizures: evaluating the burden Adam Strzelczyk (Germany)
Clinical decision making: key considerations Catherine Chiron (France)
Shaping future management Rima Nabbout (France)


32IEC-Eisai-LogoEisai Satellite Symposium, 16:30-18:00, Strauss 1
Title: Epilepsy in 2030: what can we expect?

Chair: Eugen Trinka (Austria)
Evolving epilepsy populations and changing goalposts Matthew Walker (United Kingdom)
The connected patient: monitoring seizures and beyond Philippe Ryvlin (Switzerland)
Personalized and precision medicine for epilepsy in 2030 Patrick Kwan (Australia)



Wednesday, August 29

Epilog Satellite SymposiumEpilog Satellite Symposium, 08:00-09:30, Schubert 4
Title: Update on ictal and interictal EEG source localization to identify the epileptogenic zone

Chair: Margitta Seeck (Switzerland)
a) Automated EEG source imaging: a retrospective, blinded clinical validation study
b) Epicare – prospective evaluation of ESI
Sándor Benickzy (Denmark)
Case Discussion Gudrun Kalss (Austria)
Susana Ferrao Santos (Belgium)
Prospective studies: impact on clinical decision making Margitta Seeck (Switzerland)
Ictal EEG source localization Pieter van Mierlo (Belgium)


Novartis Satellite SymposiumNovartis Satellite Symposium, 16:30-18:00, Stolz
Title: Management of Seizures in Patients with TSC

Chair: Martha Feucht (Austria)
Welcome and introduction Martha Feucht (Austria)
Tuberous sclerosis: a complex disease Vicente Villanueva (Spain)
Considerations for management of TSC and TSC-related seizures Matthias Koepp (United Kingdom)
Adjunctive everolimus therapy for the treatment of refractory seizures associated with TSC: Final results from the EXIST-3 trial


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