Continuing medical education accreditation


For first-time, or initial applicants, the accreditation process takes twelve to eighteen months. To begin and support your process, please review the educational information about ACCME accreditation and expectations, found in the FAQ and Video Resources pages of this website european accreditation. 

accreditation council for continuing medical education

The ACCME accredits organizations that provide continuing medical education for physicians. The ACCME does not accredit individual educational activities.

Initial Accreditation Process:

If your organization is deemed eligible through the pre-application review process, you will be invited to continue with the initial accreditation process. The ACCME’s initial accreditation process is an opportunity for each applicant to demonstrate that its practice of CME is in compliance with the ACCME’s accreditation requirements through three primary sources of data.

Factors to Consider:

If your organization is considering applying for ACCME initial accreditation accreditation council for continuing medical education, there are several factors you should consider in determining whether ACCME accreditation is right for you.


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