The International Organising and Scientific Committee (ISOC) is currently offering the opportunity to interested parties in the field of epileptology to submit proposals for sessions to be organised during the congress.

The aim of the ISOC is to create a comprehensive programme which will encompass topical and varied themes. As in past ECEs, the structure of the programme will comprise four main topics.

The main themes and chairs selected by the Organising Committee are as follows:

1. Childhood epileptology – Topic Chair: Martha Feucht (Austria)

2. Adult epileptology – Topic Chair: Alla Guekht (Russian Federation)

3. Basic and translational science – Topic Chair: Matthew Walker (United Kingdom)

4. Pharmacotherapy – Simon Shorvon (United Kingdom)

Added to the Main Sessions will be a programme of additional scientific sessions for which we would like to ask all European chapters of ILAE for their input. Based on the experience from the recent Prague ECE, the ISOC will decide on the format of the sessions (e.g. Discussion Groups, or Teaching Sessions).

Please note that the present invitation to submit proposals refers to the additional scientific sessions and not to the ECE Forums. A separate invitation for the latter will be circulated at a later stage, after the regular sessions have been selected.

Please refer to the recommendations at the end of the letter before submitting a proposal and use the attached template.

The deadline for submission has been set for 31st January 2017.

On behalf of the International Organising and Scientific Committee (ISOC), we sincerely hope that your Chapter will consider contributing to the programme of the 13th ECE and make this congress a memorable event.

With many thanks and best regards,

Meir Bialer
Eugen Trinka

Co-Chairs, 13th ECE International Organising and Scientific Committee (ISOC)


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