Vienna International Airport

Vienna International Airport represents an important and efficient link to the world-wide economy. The airport combines an extensive route network and first-rate infrastructure as well as high comfort and excellent orientation systems with an extensive range of air and road connections between Eastern and Western Europe. That makes Vienna International Airport a gateway to the entire world for business and private travellers. Vienna offers a number of major benefits over other airports: an optimal geographic position for destinations throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East, high punctuality and first-rate service with a minimum transfer time of 25 minutes that is unique in Europe.

Key Data on Vienna International Airport

  • 22 million passengers in 2013
  • 61 shops and 31 restaurants
  • The hub to Eastern Europe and the Middle East
  • 16 km/10 miles east of Vienna


  • Minimum transfer time of 25 minutes – unique in Europe
  • Perfect infrastructure
  • High comfort and excellent orientation systems
  • Direct connections to the A4 motorway
  • With the City Airport Train (CAT) from Vienna International Airport to the Vienna city centre in only 16 minutes

VIP & Business Services

Vienna International Airport offers a number of VIP & business services for departing congress visitors: classic service provides top quality comfort and speed for groups, while xpress service guarantees the fastest departure handling in Europe.
Vienna International Airport – VIP & Business Services

Bratislava Airport

The M. R. Stefanik Airport Bratislava is the principal international airport of Slovakia. Vienna and Bratislava are the two closest capital cities in the world, with only a short 60 km or 40 miles distance. Numerous trains and buses run daily between Vienna city centre and Bratislava Airport. The transfer time ranges between 75 and 120 minutes depending on traffic and additional stops at Vienna Airport. Coach companies charge for the transfer between EUR 10,- and EUR 15,-, taxi or pick-up services cost from EUR 65,- to EUR 90,-.


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