Symposium of Excellence in Epileptology

Co-chairs: Meir Bialer (Israel) & Eugen Trinka (Austria)

  • ILAE-CEA European Epileptology Award 2018: How is genetics changing treatment paradigms in epilepsy? – Emilio Perucca (Italy)
  • ILAE-CEA Young Investigator Award 2018: SUDEP prevention: from identification of risk factors to potential therapeutic interventions – Sylvain Rheims (France)
  • ILAE-CEA Young Investigator Award 2018: Development of a multicenter intracranial EEG atlas to differentiate normal from abnormal human brain activity – Birgit Frauscher (Austria/Canada)
  • Presentation of ILAE Journal Awards
  • Epileptic Disorders Educational Prize 2017: Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP): what every neurologist should know – Rohit Shankar (United Kingdom)
  • Epilepsia Open Prize 2018 – Clinical: Seizures, EEG abnormalities and outcome of ischemic stroke patients – Carla Bentes (Portugal)


Congress Highlights Session

Co-chairs: Meir Bialer (Israel) & Eugen Trinka (Austria)

  • Adult epileptology – Alla Guekht (Russia)
  • Basic & translational science – Matthew Walker (United Kingdom)
  • Childhood epileptology – Martha Feucht (Austria)
  • Pharmacotherapy – Simon Shorvon (United Kingdom)


European Study on the Burden and Care of Epilepsy (ESBACE)

Chair: Jakob Christensen (Denmark)