Special Lecture: Cannabinoids going back and ahead

Co-chairs: Meir Bialer (Israel) & Eugen Trinka (Austria)

  • Introduction – Meir Bialer (Israel)
  • Cannabinoids going back and ahead – Raphael Mechoulam (Israel)


Herbert Reisner Prize – Scientific Session of the Austrian Society of Epileptology

Co-chairs: Edda Haberlandt (Austria) & Gerhard Luef (Austria)

  • Introduction – Herbert Reisner-Prize – Edda Haberlandt (Austria)
  • Criteria – Herbert Reisner-Prize – Gerhard Luef (Austria)
  • Everolimus in infants with TSC-related West-Syndrome – First results from a single center prospective observational study – Sharon Samueli (Austria)
  • Early epileptiform discharges and clinical signs predict nonconvulsive status epilepticus on continuous EEG – Johannes Koren (Austria)
  • Left temporal lobe language network connectivity in temporal lobe epilepsy – Karin Trimmel (Austria)
  • Official award ceremony – Edda Haberlandt (Austria)


Symposium of Excellence in Epileptology

Co-chairs: Meir Bialer (Israel) & Eugen Trinka (Austria)

  • ILAE-CEA European Epileptology Award 2018: How is genetics changing treatment paradigms in epilepsy? – Emilio Perucca (Italy)
  • ILAE-CEA Young Investigator Award 2018: SUDEP prevention: from identification of risk factors to potential therapeutic interventions – Sylvain Rheims (France)
  • ILAE-CEA Young Investigator Award 2018: Development of a multicenter intracranial EEG atlas to differentiate normal from abnormal human brain activity – Birgit Frauscher (Austria/Canada)
  • Presentation of ILAE Journal Awards
  • Epileptic Disorders Educational Prize 2017: Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP): what every neurologist should know – Rohit Shankar (United Kingdom)
  • Epilepsia Open Prize 2018 – Clinical: Seizures, EEG abnormalities and outcome of ischemic stroke patients – Carla Bentes (Portugal)


Congress Highlights Session

Co-chairs: Meir Bialer (Israel) & Eugen Trinka (Austria)

  • Adult epileptology – Alla Guekht (Russia)
  • Basic & translational science – Matthew Walker (United Kingdom)
  • Childhood epileptology – Martha Feucht (Austria)
  • Pharmacotherapy – Simon Shorvon (United Kingdom)


Social Care Forum: Facilitating self-management in epilepsy

Co-chairs: Janet Mifsud (Malta) & Caroline Morton (Netherlands)

  • Introduction to the forum – who we are and why this session? – Caroline Morton (Netherlands)
  • Epilepsy futures – Shirley Maxwell (United Kingdom)
  • EPIPICTO – why, how and feedback – Janet Mifsud (Malta) & Thomas Porschen (Germany) & Michael Alexa (Austria)


Patient Forum / Patienten-Forum: “Epilepsie aktiv leben – Anfälle erkennen, beraten und behandeln”

Moderation: Eugen Trinka (Österreich), Thomas Porschen (Deutschland), Stephan Rüegg (Schweiz), Michael Alexa (Österreich)

  • Begrüßung und Eröffnung des Patienten-Forum 2018 durch Frau Bundesminister Beate Hartinger-Klein
  • Compliance/Adhärenz – Adam Strzelczyk (Deutschland)
  • Behandlung und Therapie – Eugen Trinka (Österreich)
  • Erste Hilfe beim Anfall und richtige Notfallmedikation: Für Erwachsene  –  Iris Unterberger (Österreich) – Für Kinder und Jugendliche  – Martha Feucht (Österreich)
  • EPIPICTO – Neues europäisches Projekt bringt Epilepsie in Bildern – Thomas Porschen (Deutschland) & Michael Alexa (Österreich)
  • Gemeinsame Diskussionsrunde – Fragen an die Experten/alle Referenten

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European Study on the Burden and Care of Epilepsy (ESBACE)

Chair: Jakob Christensen (Denmark)

  • Welcome, overview and introduction – Jakob Christensen (Denmark)
  • Prevalence of epilepsy in Europe – Christine Linehan (Ireland)
  • Cost of epilepsy in Europe – Poul Jørgen Jennum (Denmark)
  • Quality of life and stigma in persons with epilepsy – Gus Baker (United Kingdom)
  • Seizure management in hospitals (EuroNASH) – Tony Marson (United Kingdom)
  • Survey of epilepsy care in Europe – Kristina Malmgren (Sweden)
  • Group discussions among stakeholders – Moderators: Christine Linehan (Ireland), Philippe Ryvlin (Switzerland), Tony Marson (United Kingdom), Athanasios Covanis (Greece), Torbjörn Tomson (Sweden), Martin Brodie (United Kingdom), Jakob Christensen (Denmark)
    • What services should be prioritized in order to improve the lives of people with epilepsy?
    • How do we measure and monitor improved life in persons with epilepsy?
  • Presentation from the individual group discussions (moderators)
  • Panel Discussion:
    • The medical perspective  – Philippe Ryvlin (Switzerland)
    • The patient perspective  – Athanasios Covanis (Greece)
    • The patient organisation perspective  – Martin Brodie (United Kingdom)
    • The political perspective  – TBD
  • How can EU/SANTE contribute to the improving the life for persons with epilepsy? – TBD
  • Final remarks – Jakob Christensen (Denmark)

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Dravet Syndrome European Federation Symposium: Diagnosis and management of Dravet syndrome – From unmet medical needs to best practices

Co-chairs: Charlotte Dravet (France) & Renzo Guerrini (Italy)

  • Introduction and welcome – Charlotte Dravet (France), Renzo Guerrini (Italy), Isabella Brambilla (France)
  • Managing Dravet syndrome in the daily life. The parents perspective – Julian Isla (France)
  • Diagnosis – Ingrid Scheffer (Australia), Sameer Zuberi (United Kingdom)
  • Drug treatment algorithm – Helen Cross (United Kingdom), Lieven Lagae (Belgium)
  • Emergency protocol – Rima Nabbout (France)
  • Vaccination plan recommendation – Bernardo Dalla Bernardina (Italy) & Antonio Gil-Nagel (Spain)
  • Open discussion

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